Is Wininit.exe A Virus? Performs These Checks

So first off Wininit.exe is a part of the Windows system files, which means that it is supposed to be running on your computer. However, you will notice that there is a little bit of misinformation out there regarding this program.

Some say it’s a virus, while others say not to worry about it as it is part of the Windows operating system.

So which answer is right?

Well, they are both right.


What is Wininit.exe

Wininit.exe is a Windows system process that was interited from Windows XP. It basically acts as a launcher most of the background apps that run on your computer.

Should Wininit.exe be on your computer

So we have alreadys established that Wininit.exe should be running on your computer, however with one proviso.

Ensure the path of the process is located in the directory below:


If you find an instance of the file located some place else on your computer then there is a very real chance that the file is a virus masquarading as the legit file.

If this is the case, then end the process in Task Manager, locate the file on your hard drive and delete it from your computer.

In some cases it might prove difficult to remove this file, or if you remove the Windows file then this might cause a lot more problems.

The best advice, especially if you don’t like hacking around your system files is to download and do a free virus scan of your computer using Regcure Pro. You can download it here.

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